Chiropractic Brochure
Why See A Chiropractor?
Low Back Pain
Six reasons to Continue Chiropractic Care
Arthritis of Finger Joints
Three Types Of Chiropractic Care
Treatment Tips
Jaw Disorders (TMJ)
What Do You Tell Others About Chiropractic?
What Is An Adjustment?
Crossed Postural Syndrome
Chiropractic Wellness Program


Tips for a Healthy Golf Lifestyle
Types of Yoga
Current Concepts in Stretching
Stress & Tension Management
Sports Medicine for Everybody ‘The Active Care Approach’
Sleeping Tips
Road Bicycle Fit
Proper Bike Setup
Muscle Soreness
Get Walking
Chiropractic and Pregnancy
Breathing Away Stress


Post Massage Therapy Care

Naturopathic Approach

Cause of Disease / Acid Alkaline Imbalance
Adrenal Fatigue
Easy Bruising / Capillary Fragility
Fatigue, Cholesterol Medication and CoQ10
Food Sensitivities
Magnesium -The Most Important Mineral
Myer’s Cocktail
Migraines- A Naturopathic Approach
Naturopathic Wellness Program

Osteoarthritis of the Knee

Treatment Algorithm for OA
Hyaluronic Acid Injection
Glucosamine and Chondroitin


Prolotherapy Explained
What is RIT (Prolotherapy)
Curing Pain With RIT (Prolotherapy)
Dr C. Everett Koop-former United States Surgeon General weighs in on Prolotherapy
Myofascial Trigger Point Release
Natural Anti-Inflammatory Injections
RIT (Prolotherapy) and Tissue Repair

Rehab & Exercise Programs

Core Stabilization Program
de Quervain’s Tenosynovitis
Femoral Anterior Glide Syndrome
Foam Roller Exercises
Heel Strengthening Exercises
Hip and Trunk Exercise Programs
Hip Extension With Knee Extension Syndrome
Management Of Herniated Disc And Sciatica
Office Ergonomics
Rehabilitative Postures for Sleeping
Traumeel Injection
Water Workout For Stress Fracture Rehabilitation
Weight Training


Running Tips And Techniques
Cross Training Concepts for Runners
Aches and Pain – Marathon Training
Side Stitches
Time to Taper

Shoes and Orthotics

Are Your Running Shoes Worn Out?
Lacing Lessons
Orthotic Pamphlet
Footwear Recommendations and Shoe Stores